Compressed Interlocking Bricks

Interlocking CSEB use a mechanical press to form bricks out of an appropriate mix of sand, soil, cement and water. It is a proven earthquake resistant technique which has been used for decades in earthquake affected areas in India, Pakistan and Iran. Interlocking CSEB allows to build high quality and earthquake resistant structures at low cost. Use of CSEB  reduces construction cost up to 30%while are always more eco-friendly than other available construction material.

Product Details

Product A

1 Dimension 12inch*6inch*4inch
2 Weight 7.8 kg average
3 Strength 7 mpa average
4 Composition Sand, Stone dust and Cement
5 1 sq feet wall 3 bricks

Product B

1 Dimension 12inch*6inch*3inch
2 Weight 4.5 kg average
3 Strength 7 mpa average
4 Composition Sand, Stone dust and Cement
5 1 sq feet wall 4 bricks

Advantages Of CSEB

Lower cost

Using the compressed Interlocking Brick building system, you may save cost by eliminating form works for reinforced concrete column and beams, plastering cost and painting costs, Reduction in labor cost, steels and cements cost. You can save upto 30% of construction cost by using interlocking bricks.

Speedy construction

Any builder or even any layman may learn how to build using this system in a matter of a day or two. Use of interlocking bricks eliminates the plastering works and construction of column and beams leads to faster project completion. With interlocking bricks its like brick stacking than brick laying. In eight hour working duration 2 labors can build 300-400 square feet of wall. 

Earthquake resilience

Use of our interlocking bricks allows using vertical and horizontal reinforcement bars which resist wall from falling apart during earthquake. The bricks are attached each other with its unique locking system (without using costly mortar in between the bricks) which helps in absorbing the earthquake shocks.

Green technology

Unlike conventional brick manufacturing eco-cells’ interlocking bricks do not need firewood or coal for its production. Bricks are produced using cement, stone dust(construction waste) and sand so no need to excavate fertile soil. 

Aesthetic look/ Eye catching finishing

You can use interlocking bricks with English, Tropicana or Mediterranean or even modern contemporary style homes. You have freedom to choose from variety of options with your interlocking brick wall (I.e. plaster, parish, color, brick finishing with silicon coat)

Material Used

Soil: The soil used for CSEB must contain high amount of sand or must be sandy in nature. Soil is extracted from the sub soil level. Alternatively stone dust (construction industrial waste) from the crusher can be used.

Sand:If the soil used for production of CSEB don't consist enough proportion of sand (70%) then  sand is added to the mixture. coarse sand is preferred to used for the production process.  
Cement: Ordinary Portland cement (OPC) is used to stabilize the bricks.


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